Joint Neurosurgical Convention 2023 (The 10th Pan-Pacific Neurosurgical Congress | The 9th International Mt.BANDAI Symposium for Neuroscience)


We are pleased to announce that the Joint Neurosurgical Convention 2023 (the Pan-Pacific Neurosurgical Society & International Mt. Bandai Neuroscience Symposium) will be held in the coming year 2023. The 5 day-scientific meeting will be from February 5 (Sun) to February 10 (Fri), 2023 in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, USA.

The previous event was held in Maui and Oahu in Hawaii in 2018. After that successful event, in December 2019, a new type of Coronavirus infection (COVID-19), unfortunately, broke out from Wuhan, China. The entire world, thereafter, changed completely posing various restrictions both in domestic and international move.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this conference has been postponed for a few years up to date. In the meantime, the organizing office received many requests for resumption of the conference in the possible earliest time. Many people showed their positive intention for participation. Therefore, we decided, this time, to hold this conference in the above dates in the coming year.

We hope to have active and wide-ranged information exchange / discussion on cutting-edge topics of neuroscience and clinical neurosurgery. Participation from Japan as well as from the United States and Europe are highly expected in this meeting.

For having smooth conference operation, we carry on the existing tradition of international academic activities and friendships among members, and provide stimulative opportunities under the most safe and reliable infection control measures in conference venues.

We look forward to meeting you at this fascinating conference in Hawaii.

  • Junichi Mizuno M.D.

    Junichi Mizuno M.D.

    The 10th Pan-Pacific Neurosurgical Congress

  • Shinsuke Irie M.D.

    Shinsuke Irie M.D.

    The 9th International Mt. BANDAI
    Symposium for Neuroscience